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Members First
Above all, our members come first. We know you work hard for your money, and we appreciate you choosing us. We create everything with our members in mind. We will never take you for granted and consider it a privilege to work on a product that so many people love and enjoy. If upon purchase one of our members are not satisfied with our content, we will offer them a credit or refund, and take whatever steps necessary to get them what they are looking for. We will always treat our members with respect, in exactly the same way we would want other companies to treat us.

The “Art” in HDLEG stands for something. It is not “branding hype” of an overused term, or a marketing technique masking something we’re not. It is a guiding philosophy and plays a role in everything we do. Every site in the HDLEG Network is presented beautifully and built upon the highest quality, most artistic content available. Our hundreds of photographers excel in both adult and mainstream entertainment, garnering worldwide recognition and countless awards. It is this philosophical commitment to art, quality and beauty that sets us apart in an overcrowded sea of erotic mediocrity.

Fair Trade
Our models and photographers are not just a “resource” or “the talent”; they’re our partners and family, the face of our company. We practice “fair trade” in an industry sometimes known for deception and mistrust. We work with only the very best talent, and make every effort to ensure their happiness and ability to earn a respectable income. We are proud to say that our models and photographers are the highest paid in the industry.

Membership Privacy
Long-term relationships are built upon a foundation of trust. The relationship we have with our members is no exception. That is why we do not share, sell, or in any way abuse, private member information. Additionally, your data is protected by the most state of the art security available in today’s market, ensuring our members peace of mind.

Industry Leaders
We have always been, and will continue to be, leaders in our industry. While other adult websites rush to imitate we innovate and continue to raise the standards on our competition. HDLEG was the first online site to combine Art and Erotica. We created the online magazine cover, and Cover of The Day. We pioneered numerous member features such as User Generated Galleries and Model Update Notifications. The release of The Life Erotic saw authentic, edgy masturbation elevated to an art form. Our newest property HDLEG has gone beyond what anyone thought possible. The quality, creativity, and production values of mainstream cinema in concert with hardcore, emotionally charged sexuality. We have once again, broke new ground in online erotic entertainment. As producers of the finest content available, we are continually copied, our concepts stolen and advanced techniques emulated. Always, without exception, our competition falls short and fails to deliver. It's cliche, but true, “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” and for that we thank them.

The HDLEG Network is based on philosophical principles most websites can't comprehend. We are committed to innovation and continually push ourselves to go beyond our limits, keeping our content, fresh and exciting. HDLEG for example, is a site built on channels of different programming, not one view, style or niche. It offers an unprecedented range of high-end erotica — from soft-core to explicit hard-core, from nude pictorials to big budget erotic feature films. With a full range of titillating reality programming, eye-opening sexual documentaries, and original erotic dramas. No other site can claim to — or even dream of — offering a fraction of what HDLEG presents. We have the finest talent available producing content with state of the art equipment and techniques, a continual exchange of creative ideas and “outside the box thinking", power a stream of never before seen online media. However, what makes The HDLEG Network truly unique and completely revolutionary is the way it successfully combines Sexuality and Art across all of its programming.

Peoples needs and tastes continually evolve and change. As our membership asks for more and varied products, we expand our network of sites to accommodate this demand. Our growth is fueled by a desire to be the very best, and an interest in serving our members. As always, everything is done to the highest of standards, quality and attention to detail will never suffer at the hands of quantity and speed.

We work very closely with numerous partner sites who complement our own network. This “open” business model allows our members access to an ever growing pool of content choices in all niches, and further illustrates our commitment to their needs. These partners are hand-selected, and are leaders within their category and share the same commitment to quality, beauty and eroticism as we do.

Social Conscience
Our company, in fact, our entire industry, is indebted to the greater community as a whole which purchases and enjoys our products. It is for this reason that we give back through charitable donations, including support of multiple women’s groups. We would also encourage every member of our industry to support the “Free Speech Coalition” and continue to stand up for our first amendment rights.